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Welcome to Sacher Séparée Salzburg!

Sacher Séparée

Back in the nineteenth century, the hotel was well-known for its exclusive Sacher Séparées. In 2020, at a time of social distancing, Hotel Sacher Salzburg is now also taking up the tradition: From 07/20 to 08/02/2020, the rooms and suites of Hotel Sacher Salzburg will turn into exclusive pop-up restaurants!

Please take a seat – whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a girls night out, a birthday or just for fun, for a few weeks, Hotel Sacher Salzburg’s rooms and suites will be turned into “mini restaurants”. Just for you! Which suite awaits you will remain a surprise until check-in.

What you’ll experience at the Sacher Séparée is entirely up to you. Eat, drink, make merry, discuss, philosophize, play cards, dance – live life and enjoy unforgettable moments! That’s Sacher, including in the 2020 Séparée, especially at a time when social distancing continues to be so important.

To enjoy a Sacher Séparée, just count to three:

It’s child’s play to pay for your private Sacher Séparée Salzburg:
1 Séparée + 2 persons + 3 courses = €123!

Delicious treats for lunch

12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

An epic dinner at Sacher

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Groups of up to 4 persons can enjoy the Chef's Choice Menu created especially for the Sacher Séparée by chef Michael Gahleitner – let us surprise you! A vegetarian or vegan variant is, of course, also available. Drinks are not included in the offer, and for each additional guest, the menu is available for € 62.00.

Reserve your private Sacher Séparée right away:

Reserve your private Sacher Séparée right away: