150 Years Hotel Sacher Salzburg

150 Years Hotel Sacher Salzburg

Sacher 1866


At the spot where formerly the attendant’s hut of the Lederer Gate (a former city gate) was and the sandy shores of the Salzach passed, the city won ground by the Salzach regulation in the early half of the 19th century. Under the leadership of bulding contractor Carl Freiherr von Schwarz the street named after him – Schwarzstraße – was created. On the most beautiful part of the newly gained ground on the banks of the Salzach Schwarz built the former “Östereichischer Hof” with the view to the old city and the fortress “Hohensalzburg”. After the completion of the three-year construction phase in 1866, Schwarz sold the hotel to Karl (II.) Irresberger who was then also the owner of the tavern “Zum Mohren” in the street “Judengasse”. Irresberger opened it as the hotel “Österreichischer Hof” on 4th June 1866.

Even at that time, the hotel was something very special: It was – and remains – the only historic Grand Hotel in Salzburg. In 1988, Peter Gürtler took over the hotel with the promise to make it the finest and most beautiful hotel in the city. Thus began a new era for the popular hotel: major renovations started in 1989. In 1990, Elisabeth Gürtler assumed management. Under their aegis, the three restaurants have been redesigned and the 113 rooms and suites matched to suit the historic style with great attention to detail and furnishings. The terraces on the Salzach promenade were expanded and more spacious banquet rooms created, in order to create a space for major social events. Despite all the changes, what has remained are exactly those elements that constitute the charm of the house – living tradition and atmosphere – utterly unchanged.


In 2000, the Österreichischer Hof became the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. Since then the Hotel Sacher Vienna and the Hotel Sacher Salzburg have become sister hotels.

In the years 2011 until 2014 extensive renovation works have been carried out in the Hotel Sacher Salzburg: the majority of the rooms has been completely renovated and the banquet room “Wintergarten” got a new, modern look. The new lobby and bar also count to the centerpieces of the hotel – often they take up the position of a secon living room. The new Sacher Bar succeeded in doing so – most of all because of a reduced colour concept and cozy furniture.

In 2015 the change of generations took place in the Hotel Sacher. From now on the children of Mrs Gürtler take over the management of the Sacher company: Mr Georg Gürtler and Mrs Winkler together with her husband Mr Winkler.

The last year was marked by another renovation: Many rooms and suites with the view to the Salzburg State Theatre have been renovated from September 2015 until April 2016 and correspond in design as well as in equpiment with the extraordinary high standard of the hotel. The interior was shaped by Alexandra Winkler with an impressive love of detail. Original paintings with selected antiques and crystal chandeliers as well as special fabrics are the heart of the rooms of which none is equal to the other but in every room you have the feeling of being in Salzburg. The end of this renovation phase was the opening of the new Sacher Fitness Club with modern fitness devices, spacious sauna and steam bath.

IMG_0314HSS Blick vom Salzburger Landestheater