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Restaurant Grüne Bar

Exceptional cuisine served in an ambience of tasteful tradition. The Grüne Bar is where illustrious Austrian recipes unite with international haute cuisine. A Viennese culinary highlight of with unique and delectable creations, the Two Toques winning restaurant will have fine diners remembering a truly exclusive experience.

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Currently closed

At the Grüne Bar you can truly taste the passion for fine dining that goes into each dish we create.

Andreas Keese
Hotel Manager

The Taste of Timelessness

Executive Chef Markus Krenn presents his most innovative creations in an exquisite setting. Enjoy the unique combination of modern cuisine and a traditional, lush location.

Put the menu aside and take your senses for a ride. Let the chef make a selection for you along with the perfect wine pairing for an unforgettable twist to your evening.