Dear Sir or Madam,

We at Sacher are of course aware of our ethical and legal obligations towards our employees, but also towards everyone with whom we work. It is in keeping with the tradition and reputation of our company that we take these obligations seriously.

In accordance with legal requirements, we have therefore set up a whistleblower hotline, which we would like to briefly introduce to you here.

We use software that meets all legal requirements, in particular those of data protection law. Our hotline gives you the opportunity to report violations of the law in the areas provided for by law, either anonymously or by giving your name. If you decide not to provide your information anonymously, your data will of course be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Please help us so that we can investigate and prevent legal violations that have come to your attention. For example, you can report tips relating to the product safety of our services, environmental protection, food safety, consumer protection, data protection, criminal law violations and much more to us in complete safety.

It’s easy to do:

Click on the link below and indicate whether you wish to make a report anonymously or by disclosing your details. Then indicate the category to which the content of your report relates and write us the incident you perceive.

You will then receive a digital mailbox, protected by a password of your choice, to which no one else will have access. Via this mailbox you can communicate anonymously with the staff members responsible for your concern in our hotel. Our staff will not only confirm receipt of your report, but will also inform you about the measures taken.

We are looking forward to your reports.

Matthias Winkler & Michael Mauthner
Managing Director


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