Divine Delicacies


In 1865, Eduard Sacher, son of the inventor of the Original Sacher-Torte, Franz Sacher, opened his first delicacies shop just next to what would soon become the Vienna State Opera. Its rapid success enabled the confectioner’s son to soon move on to bigger things, inaugurating the Hotel Sacher Wien in the Philharmonikerstraße in 1876.

Sacher Family

The Queen of Vienna

When Anna Sacher assumed the helm of the hotel’s leadership in 1892, after Eduard’s death, she did so with verve and vivacity. Known for her love of cigars and regular French bulldog companions, Anna Sacher instilled her unique charm and love of hospitality into the Hotel Sacher for almost four decades. Her boldness sometimes ruffled feathers, but precisely this quality endeared her to the hotel’s patrons.
After Anna’s passing, the Gürtlers and Sillers ensured that the hotel remained in family hands, acquiring ownership in 1934.

In 1988, Peter Gürtler bought the “Österreichischer Hof” hotel in Salzburg, rechristening it Hotel Sacher Salzburg in 2000. As such, the Hotel Sacher Vienna and Hotel Sacher Salzburg are among a very select number of family-run 5-star hotels worldwide. Elisabeth Gürtler took over the running of the hotel in 1990 following the death of her husband, Peter Gürtler. She passed the torch to her daughter Alexandra and son Georg in 2014. Thus the long-standing tradition of being a family-owned and family-run business remains unbroken to this day.

Vienna’s Heart of Hearts

The meaning of family at the Hotel Sacher is not restricted to a name. The hotel’s personnel are very much an extension of the family history and the values at the heart of the Sacher approach to hospitality. To this day, the trusted staff serves with devotion to excellence, many of them remaining with the hotel for their entire career. This unique blend of elegance and family heritage is what guests can expect each time they stay at a Hotel Sacher.

Sacher Family

The Sacher Family Today

Alexandra Winkler, Owner and Managing Director of the Holding Company
Georg Gürtler, Owner

Elisabeth Gürtler, Managing Director of all operating companies until 2014 and Managing Director of the Holding Company
Matthias Winkler, Managing Director of all operating companies since 2014, along with Michael Mauthner
Eva Gürtler