• Reiner Heilmann
      General Manager
    • Michael Mauthner
      Chief Financial Officer
    • Brigitta Hartl-Wagner
      Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
    • Katrin Moosbrugger
      Front Office Manager
    • Wolfgang Buchmann
      Chief Concierge
    • Tamara Klösch
      Revenue Manager
    • Andreas Glück
      Director of Sales & Marketing
    • Christine Koza
      Spa Manager
    • Christian Fox
      F&B Manager
    • Alfred Buxbaum
      Pastry Chef
    • Andrea Gelegs
      Distribution Manager
    • Christian Kliem
      Ass. F&B Manager
    • Mira Erstic
      Accounts Manager
    • Kathrin Teigschl
      Manager of Conference Services
    • Isabella Braun
      Human Resources Manager
    • Sandra Mather
      Sales & Marketing Assistant
    • Christian Janda
      Chief Engineer
    • Stefan Hiersche
      IT Manager
    • Claudia Pichlmaier
      Assistant to the General Manager
    • Hermann Greiner
      Ass. Director of Sales
    • Stefan Bacher
      Sales Manager
    • Veronika Suntinger
      Sales & Marketing Coordinator
    • Tanja Schlögl
      Ass. Reservation Manager

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