• Armie-Angélique Lassiwe
      General Manager
    • Michael Mauthner
      Chief Financial Officer
    • Brigitta Hartl-Wagner
      Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
    • Mag. (FH) Albert Graf
      Assistant General Manager
    • Mag. Angelika Aufschnaiter
      Human Resources Manager
    • Gerhard Reinisch
      Head Concierge
    • Werner Wanger
      Maître d'hôtel
    • Franz Josef Schneeberger
      Sous Chef
    • Gudrun Keschar
      Reservations & Revenue Manager
    • Aleksandra Glavas
      Manager of Conference Services
    • Julia Schweisthal
      Executive Housekeeper
    • Andreas Ostermann
      Chief Engineer
    • Anna-Elisa Arnold
      Project Manager
    • Melissa Stotter
      Sales Manager
    • Lisa Dischinger
      Sales & Marketing Assistant
    • Kalliopi Papadopoulou
      Reservations Agent
    • Julia Zechner
      Reservations Agent
    • Christin Koch
      Reservations Agent

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