1. The beginning of a new era - electric cars for Hotel Sacher!

  2. Authentic and unique down to the very last detail - a new atmosphere of luxury and comfort in the newly refurbished rooms and suites at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg!

  3. "Sacher Chefpartie" - 10 years Café Sacher Graz ©Rene Pirker

  4. Three new penthouse suites on the 7th floor of Hotel Sacher Vienna are the perfect place to enjoy Austria’s capital city. The private roof terraces offer exclusive views over Vienna’s most famous sights and make your stay unforgettable

  5. Hotel Sacher Wien: All of the historic rooms and suites were renovated and adapted to meet the demands of the 21th century.

  6. The Sacher Salzburg presents the results of the comprehensive refurbishment programm: 20 completely renovated rooms, a new terrace on the Salzach side and a modernized conservatory, refurbished banquet rooms and a renovated bar.

  7. Sacher Owner Elisabeth Guertler is awarded with the "Leading Legends Award" by the "Leading Hotels of the World". The jury noted her sense for trends in the luxury hotel sector and highlighted its rapid transformation in a style befitting the Sacher Hotel.

  8. Sacher joins Facebook and conquers social media. At the same time, it shows further signs of renewal - both the Hotel Sacher Wien and the Hotel Sacher Salzburg are "in motion".

  9. As the top luxury hotel in Vienna, the Hotel Sacher opens a spa, which, due to its unique offerings and exceptional level, immediately becomes a "Leading Spa".

  10. The Vienna hotel is modernized. For the first time ever, the Sacher Hotel is closed for 10 weeks, as public areas such as the entrance, concierge desk, lobby, and front desk are renovated. The top floor is expanded, enlarging the hotel by 52 rooms. The renovations are designed by French interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon.

  11. The Sacher Eck', an elegant wine bar with modern architecture, is opened in the Hotel Sacher Wien

  12. In Graz, the second independent Café Sacher is opend.

  13. In Innsbruck, the first independent Café Sacher is opened.

  14. The Sacher hotels become a member of the "Leading Hotels of the World".

  15. Under the management of Peter Guertler, the Sacher company takes over the fabled Salzburg Grand Hotel "Österreichischer Hof", later renamed into "Hotel Sacher Salzburg"

  16. 1973: The Sacher becomes a movie star with the popular TV Series "Hallo Hotel Sacher, Portier", featuring the famous Austrian actors Maxi Boehm, Fritz Eckhardt and Manfred Inger.

  17. Hans Gürtler dies. His son Rolf takes over the business but dies a few months later in a tragic accident. His son, Peter Gürtler, assumes responsibility for the business.

  18. John Lennon and Yoko Ono caused an uproar when they invited the press to a sleep in at the Hotel Sacher Wien. They gave their interview - totally naked - from under the sheets.

  19. At the Vienna State Opera the ballet "Hotel Sacher" has its premiere. In the same year the first three floors of the hotel undergo a total renovation.

  20. The Sacher is the first of the famous Viennes city hotels that is returned by the allied forces to its rightful owners, the Guertler and the Siller family.

  21. The Hotel Sacher is expanded. Several small courtyards are integrated into the interior design, and banquet rooms are created.

  22. The British author Graham Greene stays for 2 weeks at the Sacher. This is where he gets the idea for the plot of "The Third Man". Today, there is one Suite at the Hotel named "The Third Man".

  23. In post-war Vienna the hotels were controlled by the four allied forces. The Sacher, now British, becomes the so called Senior Officers Transit Club. The Beefsteak Club starts its regular meetings at the Sacher.

  24. The Hotel undergoes extensive renovations: hot and cold running water, central heating and electricity are installed in the rooms. For the first time ever, the Sacher sports its name in illuminated letters on the roof of the building. The two new first ladies of the hotel are Poldi Guertler and Anna Siller.

  25. The management of the hotel has to file a petition for bankruptcy. A community of interested parties formed by the well known lawyer Hans Guertler and the owner of the Cafe Siller, Mr Josef Siller, decide to take over the hotel and save it from being closed down.

  26. Anna Sacher dies in her hotel room, aged 72, after over 50 years at the Hotel Sacher. Ten thousands of people pay to the most popular hotelier of the country their last respects.

  27. Franz Sacher, the famous creator of the Original Sacher-Torte, dies in Weikersdorf near Vienna.

  28. Anna Sacher starts a new fashion by collecting autographs from her famous clientele which are embroidered onto a table cloth. Today, the Sacher continues this charming tradition.

  29. The „Österreichischer Hof“ was opened in 1866 and its wonderful location near the Salzach River was only one of the reasons why the Hotel soon achieved worldwide renown.

  30. Eduard Sacher marries Anna Fuchs, who becomes the vibrant personality of the Hotel Sacher