Viennese Melange vs. Sacher Melange

In Austria, an espresso with milk and milkfoam is called a Viennese melange. You may have noticed, that our traditional Sacher melange slightly differs from the Viennese one. Here at the Sacher, the melange with its whipped-cream topping looks more like what we call a Franciscan. Why is that? The Sacher melange is prepared to match our Original Sacher-Torte which is also served with whipped-cream. The unsweetened whipped cream to the cake is to compensate its chocolaty-sweet taste. With the melange, the topping is just as supportive to our aromatic coffee.

Did you also know?

It is generally assumed that the obligatory glass of water served with the coffee has health reasons but that’s not the case. In reality, this tradition comes from the time of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie. It was considered inappropriate to simply place the used coffee spoon on the saucer. Therefore, the principalities were always given a glass of water to leave their spoons.

(Served food and drinks may differ from the illustration)