Artists’ Collection

Artists’ Collection

In 2009, Elisabeth Gürtler launched the Sacher Artists’ Collection: a charitable project that brings together outstanding art and Austria’s most famous cake. Every year a renowned artist has turned the famous wooden box, where the Original Sacher-Torte is packaged, into a unique artwork for the good cause. All proceeds from this limited edition are donated to chosen charity projects.

Sacher Artists’ Collection 2019
by Friedrich von Amerling
Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna

The 11th special edition of the Original Sacher-Torte is without doubt a premiere. For the firste time, the motif does not come from a contemporary artist, but from one of the most important figures of the Austrian Biedermeier period: Friedrich von Amerling.

Next to Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Friedrich von Amerling was the most prestigious Austrian portrait painter of the 19th century. With “Portrait of Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein (1834-1909) at the age of two years” dated in 1836, he created one of the most moving children’s portraits and, at the same time, an icon of Austrian Biedermeier painting in general. The painting is part of the Liechtenstein Princely Collections, some of the largest and most significant private collections in the world.

The entire proceeds from the sale of the limited edition of 555 boxes will benefit the Herzkinder Österreich (Austria’s Heartkids) association, an Austria-wide point of contact for all non-medical concerns and issues for children, adolescents and adults with heart conditions and congenital heart diseases, and their families. Here, the families of children with heart conditions will find not just support, advice and assistance, but also organized activities such as meetings with other affected children, games afternoons and hikes.

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Folder Sacher Artists’ Collection 2019 by Friedrich von Amerling
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Our specially chosen charities have been

2019 – Herzkinder Österreich (Austria’s Heartkids association)
2018 – Stiftung Kindertraum (Children’s Dream Foundation)
2017 – CONCORIDA, the vocational school of bakery in Bucharest
2016 – Family Kratochwil
2015 – Austrian association of epileptology
2014 – Angelman association Austria
2013 – Medical University Vienna
2012 – H. Stepic CEE Charity
2011 – SOS Children’s Village Wien and the Viennese Animal Welfare Organization
2010 – Neurological outcomes in children after ECMO
2009 – St. Anna Children’s Foundation


Distinguished Artists

2019 – Friedrich von Amerling
2018 – Gottfried Helnwein
2017 – Heimo Zobernig
2016 – Erwin Wurm
2015 – Prof. Hans Staudacher
2014 – Prof. Arnulf Rainer
2013 – Herbert Brandl
2012 – Xenia Hausner
2011 – Prof. Christian  Ludwig Attersee
2010 – “Ironimus” Prof. Gustav Peichl
2009 – Prof. Hermann Nitsch