Dogs welcome – Sacher Pets Program

Animals can enjoy Sacher luxury, too: even the legendary Anna Sacher loved to have her dogs around her. And today dogs continue to be welcome guests in the Sacher hotels in Vienna and Salzburg. The specially designed guidebook "Sacher Pets – Tierische Etikette" gives useful hints and tips to dog owners.

I love the cosy basket in our room, it makes me feel at home.

 Grande Dame des Hauses mit Ihren Bullys  

Animal friendly amenities

Guest rooms are equipped with blankets, towels, feeding bowls and, of course, cosy baskets for the canine guests. Furthermore exclusive "Do not disturb" signs for dogs ensure privacy. Leashes in various lengths and bags to clear away dog droppings are available at the reception. Upon request we can also arrange "Dog-Sitters" for you.



Special care for your companion

To ensure that you and your four-legged darling enjoy your stay with us to the full, we designed the guidebook "Sacher Pets – Tierische Etikette" which provides you with useful hints and tips, including suggestions for attractive walking routes as well as recipes for gourmet dog food.



Hotel Sacher Wien: EUR 37,- per day
Hotel Sacher Salzburg: EUR 29,- per day

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