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The Wintergarten

The hotel’s conservatory on the river banks offers great views of the spires of the Old Town and makes a superb venue for a variety of events. The conservatory can be arranged according to your wishes and divided into different rooms if that is what you need. We offer a number of packages for meetings, conferences and other functions with 15 participants and more.

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I’m very proud of the sumptuous feasts we provide.





Aleksandra Glavas

Banquet Manager
Tel.: +43 (0) 662 88 977-254
Fax: +43 (0) 662 88 977-551
E-Mail: aglavas@sacher.com


Celine Wempe
Banquet Sales Assistant
Tel. +43 (0) 662 88 977-255
Fax +43 (0) 662 88 977-551
E-Mail: cwempe@sacher.com



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Sacher Salzburg Mitarbeiter Gudrun Keschar

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  • Good Morning
    The start of the day is a restful time for our guests. Gaze out on the beautiful sights of central Vienna before heading downstairs for a delicious buffet breakfast.

    07:30:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/1good-morning.jpg
  • Breakfast awaits you
    Enjoy our delicious breakfast to start a perfect day.

    08:20:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/2breakfast.png
  • Morning stroll
    Some fresh air after breakfast appeals to many of our guests, who step out for a walk through the old town.

    10:00:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/3morningstroll.jpg
  • Before lunch
    Sharpen your appetite with an aperitif in our elegant, wood-paneled lobby. How about a spritzer or an unadulterated glass of Austrian white wine?

    11:00:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/4before-lunch-lobby2.jpg
  • Time for lunch
    What is there for lunch today? Our chefs are busy in the Salzachgrill kitchen, preparing a range of hearty and carefully executed dishes.

    12:30:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/5lunch-salzachgrill.jpg
  • Afternoon city stroll
    Our location right in the center of town provides the perfect opportunity for a romantic stroll along the river

    14:20:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/6afternoon-citty-stroll.png
  • Afternoon coffee and Original Sacher-Torte
    Dark chocolate Original Sacher-Torte served with whipped cream is a treat for the eyes as much as the taste buds at the Café in the afternoon.

    16:20:00 /assets/Uploads/7delicious-afternoon-cake.jpg
  • Dinner in the Roter Salon
    Indulge yourself with fine food from a menu that changes all the time to make sure that ingredients are the best of each season.

    19:30:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/8dinnerroter-salon.jpg
  • An after-dinner drink in the Sacher bar
    Kick back in an atmosphere of old world luxury as guests relax after dinner with one of our fantastic selection of digestifs

    21:35:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/9evening-drink.jpg
  • Sleep well - good night!
    As bedtime approaches, we’re on hand to offer a turn down service to all our guests. Goodnight, and sleep well.

    23:30:00 /assets/Uploads/salzburg/start-salzburg/10good-night.jpg