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The Original Sacher-Torte has been the most famous cake in the world since 1832 and the original recipe remains a well-kept secret of our hotel. Only the Original Sacher-Torte is produced according to this original recipe. The basis of the entire confection is a chocolate cake, thinly coated by hand with best-quality apricot jam. The chocolate icing on top of it is the crowning glory. It tastes best with a portion of unsweetened whipped cream.

I am watching over the secret of the original recipe.

Perfection out of coincidence


Like many historic stories – Archimedes’ Eureka moment, Newton’s discovery of gravity – the Sacher-Torte was conceived through serendipity when renowned statesman Prince Metternich was hosting a dinner party in 1832. The story goes that he wanted a fabulous dessert for his guests but that his chef was ill. Instead, the 16-year-old chef’s apprentice was given the task. His name was Franz Sacher and that evening he served up his Sacher Torte – a soft, fluffy chocolate cake with apricot jam beneath the icing – to the approval of Metternich’s guests.

After Franz completed his apprenticeship and became a fully qualified cook, he offered his successful experiment to the public once again, this time on a larger scale. He was successful and soon the "cake by this man Sacher" was in great demand, and the victorious career of the most famous of all chocolate cakes truly began. Franz’s son Eduard opened the Sacher Hotel in Vienna in 1876, but that’s another story.


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You can buy the Original Sacher-Torte in the two hotels Sacher Wien and Sacher Salzburg and at the Café Sacher Innsbruck and Café Sacher Graz. You can also order an Original Sacher-Torte on our website to be delivered worldwide.



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