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The Rupertikirtag

After the cultural festival summer in Salzburg, traditional customs will take hold in the old town around 24 September. On Rupertikirtag, the Salzburg cathedral consecration festival in Ruperti, the tradition of which dates back to the late Middle Ages, visitors will find traditional home cooking, historical rides, ancient handicrafts, and of course music, dancing, and theatre. The musical program on Rupertikirtag encompasses both traditional regional folk music and folk music from other countries.

Salzburg Locals' Favorite Festival

The Rupertikirtag in honor of St. Rupert, the patron saint of Salzburg, is one of Salzburg’s most popular festivals and attracts around 150,000 visitors to Salzburg’s old town every year to the squares around the cathedral – Domplatz, Alter Markt, Residenzplatz, Kapitelplatz and Mozartplatz. The Rupertikirtag von Hanswurst opens and closes with the ritual

raising and lowering of the market flag. This historical figure is represented at the most important events as well as at the market and is the mascot of the Rupertikirtag in Salzburg.

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